Create a Scenic Beauty in Your Patio Pond with Aquatic Plants

Water plants are an excellent option for adding eye-catching natural features to ponds in your backyard, patio ponds, or aquariums. Water plants, also called hydrophytic plants, grow only in water, not on dry land. Aquatic plants deliver oxygen, shades, and control algae growth in koi ponds or water gardens.

Our meticulously selected range of pond plants is designed to make choosing beautiful plants for your pond easier than ever. Our expert planters choose all our pond plants to ensure that the varieties you need are of the best quality available. You can see a personalized collection of plants for the water garden created by Pond Plants of America.

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If you want to adorn a pond with stunning pond plants, provide a natural environment for fish, or create a beautiful pond landscape, you will find suitable water aquatic plants at Pond Plants of America.

Types of water plants

Marginal plants. These plants are also called emergent water plants; Marginal plants have their roots in shallow-water sediments. The foliage of the plant grows mainly above the water surface. Usually grow on the banks of ponds 4-10 inches below the surface. Canna Lily, Horsetail, Cattail are the best examples of emergent plants.

Submerged aquatic plants. These types of aquatic plants are also called oxygenating plants. The leaves and stems of these water plants grow entirely underwater.

Pond Plants of America offer high-quality oxygenating plants for all types of ponds, including natural oxygenated pond plants suitable for fish ponds or wildlife water gardens. Canadian Anacharis, Hornwort, Arrowhead are good pond plants that generate oxygen.

Floating-leaved water plants. The most beautiful and prime water plants produce colorful flowers. These plants, such as lotuses and water lilies, are rooted at the base of the pond. The long twigs reach the water surface, where their large leaves and flowers are seen floating.

Mosaic Plant is a popular floating plant that forms a rosette and prefers full sunlight to grow well. At Our extensive range of floating plants, you find a top-quality mosaic plant for sale.

Bog Plants. These plants usually grow on the pond's boundary with water surface covering the soil. Marsh Marigold, Water Mint, Taro are bog plants and thrive in moist, swampy soil.

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