Enjoy the Splendid Beauty of Your Own Water Garden

Water gardens are one of the most beneficial features you can add to a patio or backyard. Imagine walking outside your house into the oasis of your backyard, complete with an elegant water garden or pond. Sit, relax, and enjoy the peaceful views and sounds of the flowing water and beautiful fish. You feel the worries of your life go away when you enjoy your private backyard pond!

This can be made possible by planting our colorful pond plants while building or maintaining your water garden. Pick your favorite from different available collections of pond plants for sale in Ohio.

Water gardens are self-nurturing, need minimal maintenance, and offer the opportunity to keep koi fish as pets without the routine maintenance of an indoor aquarium. Pond plants give you the chance to expand your gardening scope with multiple options that go beyond the typical petunias and roses. Bird lovers will enjoy the new variety of green foliage pond plants who flock to the water feature.

Managing and organizing a pond can be difficult but the secret is to choose various floating plants. But not just any plants; choose only those that best suit the size of your pond. Marginal plants provide the final touch, and an adjacent bog garden should be seen as an alternative.

We are here to meet your needs of floating plants and marginal plants that will look beautiful in your water garden. We are dedicated to giving you the best experience when purchasing products from "Pond Plants of America." 


You should plant enough floating plants to cover about 40% of the surface area of ​​your pond. The leaves will provide much-needed shade throughout the summer, which can help restrict the growth of algae. These plants include water lilies, Water Lettuce, Water Hyacinth, you don't need too many plants to add to the water surface.

In a small patio pond, you will need manageable plants such as 'Black Princess' (hardy water lily). In fact, in an outdoor water garden, 'Pink Hardy Water Lily' is a beautiful addition with its wonderfully rich pink flowers.

Buy these plants online from our store "Pond Plants of America," a well-known pond plants provider in America. There are different varieties of floating plants available in our huge collection, and you can choose plants according to your pond structure.


Colorful Margins

In the bog region at the edge of a pond, you can add different flowering plants that like to moisten their roots. If you keep their flowering time in mind, you'll be able to get colour and interest throughout the sunny days. In shallow water regions, you can plant delights such as the sweet-scented water Hawthorne along with attractive-looking Marsh Marigold flowers. 

Positioning Waterlilies

Buy water lily plants online and plant fresh waterlilies so their leaves are just beneath the water surface. Then, as the leaf stem grows, slowly walk the lily into deeper water. 12 inches to 18 inches is the average preferred depth. The second option is a bit more drastic; cut off overgrown leaves and place the plant directly on the bottom of the pond. Then new leaves will eventually grow to reach the surface.

Pond Plants of America is here to serve you and help to grow unique water plants in your water garden. We have the best team of staff members who are committed to providing you with quality Pond Plants. If you have any aquatic plant-related issues, feel free to contact us.