Essential Pond Plants For Aquatic Gardening

There are many benefits of growing pond plants in your pond. Aquatic plants can absorb nitrates and act as a natural filter. Some water plants generate fresh oxygen called oxygenators and control the unwanted algae bloom. More importantly, aquatic plants are essential for fish and other aquatic animals and help balance the pond ecosystem.

Pond Plants of America offers a wide array of pond plants for the water garden. We invite you to look through our website and view our collection of pond plants. We keep an excellent selection and large quantities of plants on hand to meet orders of all sizes.


There are four major types of plants that you can grow in your pond. Each type of plant plays a vital role in a pond's ecosystem. You should consider planting a few of each type in your pond for more variety; Marginal Pond Plants, Oxygenating Plants, Deepwater Plants and Floating Pond Plants.


These plants are ideally placed on the edge of the pond. They are generally placed in pots, submerged only 2 inches from the water surface. In addition to keeping your pond looking great, marginal pond plants also act as an excellent natural filter.

Cattail and Louisiana Iris are grouped in with the best marginal plants you can plant on your pond's border. These marginal plants absorb nutrients and impurities and increase the overall quality of the water.


Oxygenating plants are natural oxygen producers in your water garden to keep the water clean. These plants can increase the oxygen level in your pond and help prevent algae, making it possible for your fish to survive. Fanwort, Hornwort, and Anacharis are popular oxygenating plants.


Deepwater plants are rooted in the depth of the pond. They grow to be above the water surface like a floating plant. Water lilies and Lotus are the most common examples of deepwater plants.

As deepwater plants grow, these plants are rooted in planting pots, and their beautiful flowers and leaves spread across the water surface and act as shade pond plants, protecting the aquatic wildlife from predators and providing them more shade to hide, as well as blanketing the water surface to help reduce algae blooms forming.


Floating pond plants on the water surface help provide shade and keep the water cool from hot sunny days. Water Hyacinth, and Water Lettuce, are popular floating plants grown in ponds. We sell a vast range of floating pond plants to suit the needs of our clients, which include the Mosaic, American Frogbit, Fairy Moss, and Floating Fern.

Water gardening covers many different aquatic plants, so at Pond Plants of America, you can get almost all essential varieties of water plants for all-sized garden ponds. You can also get some tall pond plants like horsetail and pickerel rush to plant at the edge of bog gardens.

We supply our aquatic plants for wildlife ponds to customers across the United States, so if you need any pond plant species, contact us, and we'll get it delivered to you.