Everything You Need To Know About Creeping Jenny Plant

The ornamental plant known as "Creeping Jenny" is adaptable and produces attractive foliage that "creeps" along and fills in empty spaces. Growing creeping Jenny in a pot is a terrific way to enjoy this annual without having it take over the entire garden or flower bed. However, it can be aggressive. This fast-growing and low-maintenance known as Creeping Jenny is must in any pond/watergarden. Learn how to grow and care for the adaptable creeping Jenny plant for sale.

About Creeping Jenny Plant

It is a fast-growing creeper plant from the Primulaceae family that is popular as a ground cover, border plant, or trailing plant in hanging baskets due to its natural texture and soft appearance. Creeping Jenny is also known as "moneywort" or "two penny grass. It features tiny, coin-shaped leaves and tiny, golden-yellow flowers with a brief bloom period.

In some climates, can be aggressive.

In addition to its attractive leaves, creeping Jenny has small, cupped yellow flowers that appear intermittently from early summer to the end of the growing season. The green variant is more aggressive, but its contrasting color of green foliage and yellow blooms is very attractive. The golden variant is not as aggressive, but its flowers aren’t as showy.

Important Points for Creeping Jenny Plant Care


The optimum conditions for Light Creeping Jenny are the full sun to light shade. This plant also changes its leaf color as per the light. The midday light may turn its leaves white in hot areas.


The soil creeping Jenny can even be found along streams and boggy shallow areas where the soil is highly wet since she favors moist, well-draining soils.


When your creeping Jenny plant for sale, is in its growth stage, you can lightly fertilize it in the early spring with a 10-10-10 solution.


Before winter arrives, prune your creeping Jenny's dead stems so it will produce new growth in the spring.


The tendrils of creeping Jenny dangle so beautifully around the edge of the pots that it is perfect for container gardens. To create contrast between the two, placing it among other, taller plants..


Your creeping Jenny loves shallow water that can be just over the top of the pot.


Creeping Jenny has a robust growth and spreading habit, so don't be afraid to cut it back as needed. If you want to buy high-quality creeping Jenny and Louisiana iris for sale, reach out to Pond Plants of America. You will have the freshest and most adaptable water plants for sale at the best prices.