Spruce Up Your Water Garden with Lovely Pond Plants

Water garden lovers, who want to spruce up their pond with a range of beautiful pond plants in a precise way, need to visit Pond Plants of America. We have an extensive collection of water plants for your water garden. Submerged oxygenated pond plants, Floating Pond plants, hardy water lilies, tropical water lilies, water iris, aquarium plants, marshy marginal pond plants, and pond lotus are shipped to you from our online source.

Our Aquatic plants will add a complete touch to your water garden and help you create a pond ecosystem in your backyard or for a patio pond. We look forward to being your first choice for aquatic plants and water garden accessories.

We provide a vast range of Pond Plants to suit the needs of our clients, which include the general public, garden designers, landscapers, wildlife projects, botanical gardens, and home pond projects.

Pond plants are vital for making a balanced ecosystem in your water garden. Selecting pond plants from each of the four groups of water garden plants will create a balanced environment in your pond.

FLOATING POND PLANTS – Floating plants are fruitful plants that spread across the water's surface to provide habitat and protection for the aquatic creatures of water gardens. Floating aquatic plants are great for purification because these plants absorb excess nutrients from the water that might otherwise lead to algae growth. The roots of floating plants provide a place for the fish to lay eggs and create a hiding place. Water lettuce plants, American Frog bit, Mosaic Plant, Fairy Moss are some best floating plants that everyone needs to plant in their garden.

SUBMERGED OXYGENATING PLANTS – Submerged plants are generally known as oxygen-delivering plants. Submerged plants obtain nutrients from the water and help keep the pond water fresh. Baby Fish love to hide in Mares Tail and Canadian Anacharis. Plant a bunch for every 2 to 3 square feet of surface area.

BOG PLANTS, POND LOTUS, AND MARGINAL POND PLANTS –Bog plants and tropical marginal pond plants highlight the water garden by adding colourful flower plants and shapes to the water garden. Planting marsh plants or marginal plants at the edge of the water garden will give your pond a more natural look. You can plant some marginal plants like Umbrella Palm, Water celery plant, Canna lily, and Cattail to give your pond a natural look.

Pond Lotus plants are a lovely addition to your pond. Lotus are hardy perennials and will produce stunning flowers year after year. Lotus plants are also suitable for container gardening.

Adding to the above, we also offer our unique collection of Hornwort, Ferns, and Anacharis, also known as aquarium plants. You can add these plants to your home aquarium to create a peaceful ambiance for fish.

At Pond Plants of America, we have a unique collection of pond plants and aquatic plants in the United States, available to purchase online. Our collection includes many exclusive, fresh, and rare water garden plants that you will not find anywhere else in the United States.