Top 4 oxygenating plants for your backyard pond

The beauty of your backyard pond can be ruined overnight due to algae bloom. The best way to prevent that is to add some of the best oxygenating plants to your backyard pond. If you are looking for backyard pond supplies, Pond plants of America has got you covered. Check out some of the best oxygenating plants available in our online store and keep your pond algae-free. Here is a list of some aquatic plants that are considered some of the best oxygenating plants out there.

1- Arrowhead

The Arrowhead plant, also known as dwarf Sagittaria, is an excellent oxygenating plant for anyone who does not have much experience in this field. Relatively less demanding, this plant grows perfectly in shallow water. It is not sensitive to temperature fluctuation and will keep supplying oxygen to your pond throughout the year. A very easy to care aquatic plant that keeps the algae bloom at bay.

2- Vallisneria

Vallisneria, also known as Eelgrass, comes with tall wavy leaves that can grow up to two feet. Considered one of the best submerged aquatic plants for keeping the pond oxygenated, these plants are suitable for all kinds of the pond. Mostly sturdy in nature, Eelgrass is also not very demanding and is not affected much by minor fluctuations in temperature. Furthermore, it also works as a great protector of aquatic life. It provides them with perfect hiding spaces from predators.

3- Hornwort

Hornwort is a delicate-looking underwater plant that is one of the sturdiest plants out there. It can grow up to two feet and have a horn-like leaf structure. Furthermore, it is known to generate an ample amount of oxygen throughout the year. A perfect protector of marine life, it is less demanding and can be an ideal addition to your backyard pond.

4- Rotala Indica

Rotala indica is also a great oxygenating plant. A small spreading plant with round leaves, it provides excellent habitat and is a perfect hiding site for fish. Rotala Indica is also easy to grow and can withstand extreme weather. Indeed, an ideal addition to your backyard pond.


Adding oxygenating plants keeps your water clean and helps the marine life of your pond to thrive. With a variety of perks, these plants are a must-have item for your pond. Check out the pond plants of America's website for some of the top-quality backyard pond supplies.