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Common Name: Wanvisa
Plant Description Name: Wanvisa - Red Hardy Lily
Striking variegated flower of orangy-pink that is finely striated and speckled with yellow. The Forest Gump of flowers; changing looks with each new bloom, "you never know what you get inside"  It has salmon-pink petals streaked with white-cream variegation never before seen in a hardy waterlily. Wanvisa is a good bloomer with leaves heavily speckled with deep bronze and bright green. A vigorous and compact growth habit makes it a good choice for most water gardens. Winner of the 2010 IWGS Best New Water Lily of the Year award. Wanvisa can be planted in depths 12-15" over the crown (mature) and prefers 6-8 hours of direct sunlight. Blooms late spring to late summer, 3'-6' spread, Zone 3-10 

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