Vallisneria Gigantea "Giant Jungle Val"  ---- LIMITED STOCK-----

Vallisneria Gigantea "Giant Jungle Val" ---- LIMITED STOCK-----


Scientific Name: Vallisneria gigantea "Giant Jungle Val"

Common Names: Eel Grass, Tape Grass, American Wild Celery

This freshwater plant has long leaved grass. that can get rather large and will form a dense cover at the water surface which will aid in the control of free floating algae (green water). In most aquariums the leaves grow so long that they float on the surface So the plant will need pruning to stop it  from taking too much light from plants growing beneath. Vallisneria gigantea leaves arise in clusters from their roots. Leaves grow up to 120cm (47 inch) long and 12mm (0.4 inch) wide.  The leaves are tough and strong, so they are not generallyc consumed by herbivorous fish. 

 They generally grow in cycles, thriving for 3 or 4 months and then dying off for another few months. The leaves are dark green coloured with rounded tips and definite raised veins.

This is a highly manageable aquatic plant is easy to grow and great in aquariums. 


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