Pontederia Cordata "Pickerel Rush"

Pontederia Cordata "Pickerel Rush"


Common Name: Pickerel Rush / Pickerelweed
Plant Description Name: Pontederia cordata "Pickerel Rush"

A beautiful tall hardy plant that will be a wonderful addition your water garden or pond. With glossy olive green spearhead-shape foliage that leads up to the striking 6-8 inch spike-shaped violet-blue flowers that  quickly form dense clumps of 1 inch blooms. Pickerel Rush will grace your pond in violet-blue color from early summer until fall.

Requires very little care. Pickerel rush is great for bogs and marshy areas and provides good water filtration for your pond / water garden. Leave in pots to control growth. Full sun to part shade, up to 30" tall, Zone 5-11

Attention California customers this plant is legal in California however, California Dept. of Agriculture reserves the right to destroy the plant at their discretion.  

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