Aponogeton distachyus "Water Hawthorne"

Aponogeton distachyus "Water Hawthorne"


Common Name: Water Hawthorne
Plant Description Name: Aponogeton distachyus "Water Hawthorne"

Extremely attractive plant that loves cooler weather, Blooms are white with black stamens and have a wonderful vanilla fragrance. The foliage is elliptical, shiny, with dark green and a tinge of purple?  Fall, Winter, & Spring the Hawthorne will flower, even handles frost. light snow fall. In southern climates, can bloom all winter long, Water Hawthorne will flower long into fall, early winter, thus extending the season of color in the pond, blooming before lilies in the spring and after the lilies have finished blooming in the fall. Part sun to part shade, needs 6 inches to 4 feet of water. spread of 24"-30". Zone 6-9

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